ModerUntitled-1n Electric Water Company’s water system is designed to keep water flowing from its distribution system to its customers.  However, backflow can occur due to high pressure on the customer’s side, or low pressure in the company’s water system.  Backflow is the undesirable reversal of water flow in a potable water system through a cross-connection.  This situation may allow liquids and other substances from any source to enter the public water system. For more information on Backflow Prevention please click here or on the picture for Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.   The email address for Backflow Prevention correspondence is  This email is only monitored during regular business hours.

Modern Electric Waster CCertified Backflow Assembly Testersompany requires backflow protection to protect its public water supply from pollution and contamination in accordance with Washington State Regulations WAC 246-290-490.  Regulations state that assemblies be tested annually be a Certified Backflow Assembly Tester.  Please click here for a list of 2018 Certified Testers



Backflow_Blank_Test_Report_2014Completed Backflow Prevention Assembly Test Reports must be returned to Modern.  Do you need a new test report?  Please click here or on the picture to get a MEWCO_Backflow_Test_Report_for 2014