The Water Department operates and maintains all of the water infrastructure within Modern Electric Water Company’s service territory – from the well-house pumps-stations, through the in-ground pipes and “mains”, to the elevated storage tanks, to the fire hydrants and metered service lines at homes and businesses.

The Water Department performs a variety of tasks that include tapping mains for new connections, finding and repairing underground leaks, maintaining the pumping apparatus at well sites and continual testing and administration of the system to ensure a high level of water quality.

Every Public Water System is required to monitor for the presence of coliforms.  Each month water samples are collected by our field personal and delivered to an independent laboratory for water quality testing.  Please click here for frequently asked questions on our water testing procedure.

The source of water for Modern’s customers is located directly beneath their feet – the Spokane Valley – Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer. The Water Department operates eight (8) wells and three (3) reservoirs.

Pumps at the well sites raise water from the aquifer approximately 130 feet below ground, and push it through the mains and distribution lines buried under streets and roads. Water stored in the elevated tanks provides storage and pressure to the system.

Fun Facts:

  • Each foot of elevation creates 0.433 PSI of water pressure.
  • Water level in the tanks is maintained to create approximately 50-55 PSI at homes and business.
  • Modern’s customers use between 2 and 14 million gallons of water each day, with 50% of the annual total used during the three warmest months.