Modern Electric Water Company recommends the following websites for safety awareness and conservation information.   In addition to general and detailed information for consumers, there are children’s games and activities and resources for teachers.

Click here for a Home Safety Inspection form.

Click here to have some fun and learn something at Electric Universe!


energy kidsClick here to find out how to be a “E-Smart” Kid.  Visit this site and find out what is energy, about energy sources, how to use and save energy, the history of energy and have fun with games and activities.

Hey, Teacher:  Click here for our teacher guide that provides energy lessons.  The guide provides Language Arts, Math, Performing Arts, Science and Social Studies extension activities by age levels.

Energy Star Logo

Click here to be an ENERGY STAR Kid!  The ENERGY STAR Kids’ Site is a bright, interactive site with fun facts for kids and energy-saving ideas and activities for everyone.