Modern Electric Water Company is pleased to announce it is partnering with Efficiency Services Group (ESG).  This partnership allows Modern to expand its rebate program.  Please email your rebate questions to ESG at or call 1-888-883-9879. 

Rebate offers may be changed or discontinued at any time. 

Non-Residential Lighting Rebate – Commercial Lighting Applications

The Commercial/Industrial Lighting rebate is based on the results of data entered in to the Lighting Calculator 4.0. Pre-approval including a pre and post inspections are required.    Click here for rebate application form. For program details please call 1-888-883-9879.

Non-Residential – Commercial Ductless Heat Pump Rebate

For program details please call 1-888-883-9879. Click here for Commercial Ductless Heat Pump form and specifications 

Residential Lighting Rebate

Click here for Residential Lighting Rebate Form

Residential Weatherization Rebate

Click here for Residential Window-Door Rebate Form  Note:  Home must have a permanently installed electric heat system to qualify.

Residential Site Build Home Insulation Rebate Form

Residential Manufactured Home Insulation Rebate Form

Residential Appliances Rebate

Residential Clothes Washer & Dryer Rebate Form

Residential Heating and Cooling Rebate

Ductless Heat Pump Rebate Program – Customer General Information

Click here for Residential HVAC with PTCS Rebate Form

Click here for Residential Ductless Heat Pump Rebate Form 

Heat Pump Water Heater Rebate

Click here for a Heat Pump Water Heater form.

If you would like to speak with someone at MEWCO, then please call Terri in Member Services at  509-755-9003.

Energy Efficiency Information

Don’t let Energy Vampires Take a Bite Out of  Your Houshold Budget! 

The average home uses up to 10% of its energy powering devices that are turned off or not in use. Yikes!




Home Energy AuditCheck out Home Energy Saver and do your own energy audit.




water conservation


Saving water is important.  To learn more about our precious resource, the Spokane Aquifer Joint Board offers free water conservation virtual field trips.  There are two versions to select from:  One is for elementary students and the other one is for middle school students. However, all ages can benefit from the information presented in the virtual trips.

To take the virtual field trip please click on Aqua Duck and his friends.

“Don’t Waste Our Water. It’s Beneath You!”

Conservation Questions to Ask Yourself?

Do you turn off lights when you leave a room?   Don’t waste energy when you are not using it.

Are the gaskets on your refrigerator and freezer doors clean and tight?  If gaskets aren’t clean and tight, cold air will leak out and the motor will have to run more often to replace it. You can test gaskets by placing a piece of paper between the door and the fridge, close the door and tug the paper. Does it slip out easily? If so, you may need to change the gasket.

Do you keep the freezer full, using milk cartons filled with water, if necessary? Object retain cold better than air.

To increase the efficiency of your refrigerator and freezer, do you clean/dust their coil every three months? Clean coils help the compressor get air and run better.

Do you defrost foods by leaving them in the refrigerator overnight?  This helps cool the refrigerator while keeping your food safe to eat.

Do you use a microwave, crockpot, or toaster oven instead of the range top or oven when possible? Picking your cooking method can help save energy.

When using the oven, do you rarely open the door, and use a timer?  Each time you open the oven, it loses 20 percent of its heat.

Do you keep pots covered so that the food will cook faster?  If food cooks faster less energy is needed.

Do you place pot and pans on range top burners of the appropriate size?  Don’t use the big burner for a small pan.

Do you hang clothes up to dry, if possible? Air drying clothes is free.

Do you clean the dry’s lint trop before every load? This help the dry run more efficiently.

Do you check the dryer every 20 minutes to see if clothes are dry? Don’t waste energy by drying dry clothes.