Modern Electric Water Company (MEWCO) was founded by D. K. McDonald, R. A. Hutchinson, and A. C. Jamison in 1905. The company’s primary purpose was to provide irrigation water to approximately 3,000 acres of land sold by Modern Irrigation and Land Company. Modern Irrigation and Land Company, also owned by McDonald, Hutchinson and Jamison, granted one share of stock in MEWCO for each one acre of land purchased. Each share of stock holds no monetary value and is used to represent a vote in the Board of Directors’ election.

Company policies and procedures are established under the direction of a five-member Board of Directors. Management, staff and crew use policies and procedures, approved by the board, to facilitate daily business operations. Board of Directors must own property in the company’s service area and are elected to serve three-year-terms. Board meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month. The Election for board positions are conducted on the last Saturday in February at the Annual Shareholder Meeting.

As the complexion of the Spokane Valley changed from rural to urban, the company change its focus from irrigation provider to power and water supplier for residential and commercial needs. To date, this nonprofit, customer-owned corporation provides electricity and water to nearly 10,000 customers in the Opportunity neighborhood of Spokane Valley, Washington.

Modern Electric Water Company is a preference customer of Bonneville Power Administration, and provides its customers with some of the area’s lowest priced electricity. Supplying reliable and efficient electric and water services at the lowest possible cost isn’t just a slogan for us – it is what we do every day to keep the lights on and the water flowing.