Managing your MEWCO account has never been so easy!

MEWCO Customer Center provides you complete account access.  Through the MEWCO Customer Center, you can register to pay your bill online.  You can then access valuable information, such as your usage and billing history. These resources will allow you to easily evaluate and manage your usage effectively. All the information you need is right at your finger tips!

To begin click on the account access tab.


A New Look in 2017 for Your Billing Statement?

 Modern Electric Water Company is introducing a new billing statement in 2017 to better serve our customers.  The new billing statement provides more information, summarizes account balances and improves our ability to provide accurate descriptions of your services. For more information about the new billing statement please click here.




Is the Automatic Payment Program for you?

Make your life easier by signing up for the Automatic Payment Program (APP).  Your statement will automatically be paid 14 days after it bills (withdrawal dates may vary slightly per month).  Click here for MEWCO’s_APP_Enrollemnt form.


Email man

Where are my emails from MEWCO?

Are you finding emails that MEWCO sends to you in your Junk Email file?  To fix the issue please add to your Approved Senders list.  For a step-by-step guide from wikiHow please click on the link naming your email service provider.

Question markHow to Add Approved Senders to Hotmail

How to Add Approved Senders to AOL Email Accounts

How to Add Approved Senders to Google (Gmail) Email Accounts

How to Add Approved Senders to Yahoo



Ordering Checks?

Modern Electric Water Company uses an optical reader to post payments to customers’ accounts and then electronically transmits the daily deposit to its bank.  Recently, some of the checks received from customers that have dark background colors could not be read by the optical reader and the bank could not identify the customers’ financial information, customer name, check number, and/or payment amount.

Unfortunately, these checks could not be processed by the bank and were returned to Modern.  In order to avoid check processing problems, the next time you order checks, please be aware of the darkness of the background scene.  We appreciate your assistance to help us avoid this potential payment posting problem.